Students Pledge

We the Carmelites stand in the presence of living God, and pledge to uphold the values of respect, responsibility and integrity. We promise to uphold the mission and vision of our school and strive for excellence in studies and life. Our motto CALLED TO SERVE will be our guiding light. We shall honour and respect our parents, teachers and all elders. As true Carmelites, we commit ourselves to environmental sustainability. We will extend our hands to help our fellow students supporting them in their journey of knowledge. we solemnly affirm that we will always remain law abiding and loyal to our institution. Jai Hind.

Pledge For Peace

As Carmelites, we pledge to promote, spread and share peace and compassion in our institution and country. We will reject all forms of discrimination, injustice and hatred. We will resolve conflicts with empathy and stand against violence. We will show respect to all human beings irrespective of caste ,creed, religion, language, creed. and honour to all human beings and all spiritual tradition. We stand in the presence of living God and promise that we shall act as a peace builder. Jai hind