School Rules & Discipline

  • Every child should possess a copy of the School Diary which should be brought to school everyday, even on examination days.
  • On class days every pupil is expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the season.
  • The School day commences with the school assembly in which all students must be present.
  • At the first assembly bell there must be perfect silence in the school building and on the grounds. The students will then proceed in orderly formation to the place of assembly. They will take up an attitude of prayerful silence and ask God to bless their day.
  • Students who do not attend the morning asssembly will not be allowed to attend the class
  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the morning session. Only those students who have 90% of the number of working days upto 2nd term examination date will be allowed to sit for the examination. At the time of the annual examination all students must have 90% attendance. The names of students who fall short of attendance will be withdrawn from the examination. Irregularity in attendance will be registered in the student's report book.
  • Throwing bits of chalk, foil paper etc. on others or teasing fellow students is strictly forbidden.
  • No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without an explanation in writing on the page specified for leave record in the diary and signed by the parent or guardian.
    Late comers will be sent back home. Encourage your ward to reach the school in home.
  • ATTENDANCE - No leave of absence is given or student allowed to leave the school during the school hours without a previous written application from the parents/guardians stating the reason which must be a serious one. Absence from school for merely social functions is not encouraged.
  • Absence without leave for me more than seven consective dats renders the student liable to have his / her name struck off the roll. Re-admission if granted will be done on admission charges.
  • As per the court order any indiscipline will be dealt with accordingly.

No Application for half day leave will be granted

  • Late comers, uniform defaulters or students who dont's complete or submit their notebooks regularly will be strickly dealt with.
  • Any student found outside the school premises during school hours without permission, will be rusticated for at least one week. Any repetition of this offense will result in expulsion. Needless to say this will figure strongly in the student's charactor certificate.

Library Rules

The School Library and Reading Room is well stocked with books and periodicals, dealing in diverse topics of interest specially suited for students. It is expected that every student must try to take maximum advantage of the facility in the Library in advancing their academic records.

  • Books from the library is issued to students during library period and only one book is issued at a time.
  • Books are issued to the borrower only and hence no interchange amoung classmates is permitted.
  • The borrower will be held responsible for the damages to the books while in his/ her custody and in case of loss, full replacement value will be charged.
  • For more details and other rules, the decision of the Principal shall be applied in each case.