Examination Test

  • After each test and examination there will be an open House for PTM - Students should come in full uniform with Parents. If not parents will be called to the Principal's office.
  • A pupil should the satisfactory progress during the year, Which is based on the whole year's performence.
  • Pupils are required to appear for all the examinations and tests as scheduled.
  • Absence from test/examination should be entirely at the responsibility of the parent/guardian. No student may absent himself / helself from any examination or test except when prevented by reason of ill-health. In such a case a medical certifacte shall be required along with a leave not in the diary from the parent in person, prior to the examination/test. No grade shall be granted in case of any kind of absence / leave from test / examination.
  • Examinations are not conducted for absentees. There will be no re-exam for any student.
  • In class VIII, the result will be withheld if the student does not pass in Sanskrit.
  • Any student found cheating or attempting to cheat in a test or an examination will be given a zero in the paper and / or any other pinishment, even disimissal, at the discretion of the management. Any kind of talking or making sign or changing seats or any chits will be understood as attempting to cheat.